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We have a desire to find out where we came from. Some may know that they’re a little bit Irish or Chinese, but still have questions about where else their family came from. Others may have no clue at all about their heritage. In the past, you just had to wonder about these questions, but now you can know for sure with Your past is waiting to give you answers about who you are today.

With, you can take a simple DNA test using just a saliva sample to find out what your DNA reveals about you. You can also build a family tree online to learn more about the story of you. Even people who think they know about their family history and heritage are often surprised to find out facts they never knew through the wonders of DNA and the more than 20 billion records in the comprehensive database. To test your DNA, it’s a one-time fee of less than $100. You can take advantage of a free trial to begin building your family tree. After that, you can purchase a membership every month or every six months. often runs deals on its DNA kits and online family history resources. One of the best times to find these bargains is during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Give yourself the gift of knowledge about your family and yourself.

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